Aaron Sachs: Environmental Humanities Lecture, “The Climate Change Comedy Hour”

Aaron Sachs is Professor of History and American Studies at Cornell University, where he has taught since 2004. His interests range from creative writing to the history of consumer culture, from social and environmental justice to the development of ecology as a science, from landscape politics to the role of the environmental humanities in society at large. At Cornell, he is the founder of the Cornell Roundtable on Environmental Studies Topics (CREST) and co-leader of an initiative on “Sustainability via the Humanities and the Arts,” sponsored by Cornell’s Society for the Humanities. Currently, he is working on three projects: a joint study of Herman Melville and Lewis Mumford, broadly about the importance of retrospection in dark times; a deep history of the idea of environmental justice; and a manifesto arguing for the usefulness of comedy in coping with climate change. Read more here.

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