The Trowbridge Initiative in American Cultures was established in 2004 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to organize and facilitate activities – including symposia, lectures, and special events – of specific interest to Americanists from various disciplines on the university campus.

Working in collaboration with other units on campus, along with the English graduate student Americanist group, Trowbridge brings specialists in American cultures to campus, for lectures, symposia, readings, and meetings with students and faculty. The Trowbridge can also sponsor reading groups, along with other student-generated activities as well as other forms of faculty collaboration.

We welcome proposals from across the campus for programs that fit within our broad confines.  Please get in touch with the Director, Gordon Hutner, for more information.

Click here for additional information about the people affiliated with Trowbridge, here for an overview and calendar of past Trowbridge events, or here for a summary of Trowbridge’s activities.